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Comparing alternative storage solutions in today’s environment (AIA/IDCEC/HSW)

Designing Storage into the Environment
For many years, the primary “stuff” in the office was paper. We are all starting to feel the effects of less documentation. This course will focus on designing alternative storage into today’s environment that has collaborative workspaces, ‘nomad’ workers, and newer requirements for storage.”

Alan Collick

Presentation Length: 1 hr

Scheduling Requirement: Notify 1 mo. Prior

Contact Your Local Sales Rep for Details on Setting up a CEU Course at Your Location!!!

2/90 Signs

Accessibility & The ADA – 2010 Standard For Room Identification Signs (AIA/IDCEC/HSW)

This course will educate the attendee about all current US & International
ADA/Accessibility requirements (including the 2010 Standard (SAD) as it relates to room identification signs, and will provide education on about the technical characteristics (geared toward helping specifiers) concerning the most commonly used material (photopolymer) for Accessible/ADA compliant signage.

MVK Reps

Presentation Length: 1 hr.


The Impact of Noise in the Work Place (IDCEC/HSW)

The Impact of Noise in the Workplace,focuses on how to define and measure noise; what impact it has on health, safety and wellness; methods for managing unwanted noise; and how today’s advanced building materials are used to reduce the negative effect noise has in the workplace. Noisecan cause serious health issues beyond a loss of hearing. Working in an inappropriate environment has been shown to create stress, as well as stress-induced health issues ranging from heart disease to an inability to concentrate or retain information. This course examines the science of how noise is impacting people as well as what can be done about it. Upon completion of this course, students will have a better understanding of the impact of noise in the workplace, how sound is measured and how rooms are evaluated, how the science of acoustics helps a designer create the most pleasing space possible.

Steve Cohan

Is your cafe just a place to eat? Creating effective and rewarding multipurpose space (IDCEC)

The cafeteria has become a very important part of the contemporary office, campus, and acute care facility. There are two concerns that should be top of mind, the business side of the design, as well as the social impact of the design Effective use of space is a primary driver of foodservice revenue. Even if the cafeteria is not directly selling food, the ability to provide a seat for each person during peak periods is an important aspect of a successful space. The scope of this CEU is focused on the dining room area and does not attempt to cover the food line layout, back of the house, or traffic patterns associated with entrance and exit of the food area.

There are many options in front of design professionals and no shortage of resources for creating this space. However, different facilities will require different designs and the use of zones will help meet diverse requirements, leading to more satisfied users.

CF Group

Irwin Seating

Auditorium Design (AIA/CES/HSW)


Presentation Length: 1 hr.